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Interior Door Spray & Dry System

Paint interior doors quickly and easily with the Interior Door Spray & Dry System (PSDRID). Single operators are now able to paint multiple, full-size, interior doors in a confined space. Spray from a single position and rotate the door with your foot, leaving your hands free to manage the spray gun and hose. The PSDRID includes components for 20 interior doors, which makes it perfect for most residential projects where all interior doors need to be finished or repainted. Additional components are available to expand the number of doors to suit your project.

When coupled with the new extension to our Portable Jobsite Spray Booth, you won’t need to cover the walls and ceiling - just spray inside the booth and eliminate worry about overspray.

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  • Single operator
  • Minimizes space required for spraying and drying
  • Contact point is only ½” x 1 ½” at the hinge pocket
  • Spray entire door from a stationary position
  • Works with various widths and heights of doors
  • Works with hollow or solid core doors
  • Portable for easy transport & storage with the included carry bag
  • Eliminate the need to seal the entire room when spraying*
  • Minimal assembly required
*when coupled with our Portable Jobsite Spray Booth Extension (coming soon)


20-Door Standard Package

What's included:
1 Industrial Grade Aluminum Turntable w/Support Arm
40 Heavy Duty Injection Molded Door Stand Bases
20 Industrial Grade Aluminum Hinge Pocket VClips
1 Hand Grips for Lifting Wet Doors (set)
2 Overspray Guards (set)
1 Turntable Carry/Storage Bag
1 Bases, VClips & Accessories Carry/Storage Bag
40 #12-3" Wood Screws to attach Door Stand Bases
40 #8-1" Wood Screws to attach VClips to Hinge Pocket

10-Door Add-on Package

What's included:
20Heavy Duty Injection Molded Door Stand Bases
10High Grade Aluminum Hinge Pocket VClips
20#12-3" Wood Screws to attach Door Stand Bases
20#8-1" Wood Screws to attach VClips to Hinge Pocket
Coming Soon

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Attaching bases to the door
Components and assembly
Loading and unloading a door


Won’t overspray gum up the turntable and prevent rotation?

Overspray guards will protect the turntable from overspray. One guard covers the vertical support bar (a clear poly-tube), while a second guard protects the rotating turntable (made from hard, transparent, washable plastic). Extra overspray guards are available for separate purchase.

How do you paint the contact point that the fixture makes with the door?

This small contact (0.5” x 1.5”) is made at the hinge pocket and typically does not need to be painted. The connection point on the support tube can be adjusted in height to match the hinge pocket. Additional connections can be added (2 are included).

How do you paint all sides of the door?

The bottom edge of the door is fully exposed for spraying, and the bottom surface of the door (if painting is required) could be painted prior to attaching the bases or after. The top surface is fully exposed and can be sprayed while on the turntable.

How do I move the wet door off of the turntable?

Using the included Vclip handle and latch handle, you lift the door off of the turntable and set it in a drying area away from the turntable/spraying area. The door stands allow the doors to stand on their own, approximately 3” apart.

Is a solid core door stable on the turntable and when free standing?

Yes the vertical support on the turntable is able to keep both a hollow or solid core door stable. If required, additional door bases can be attached to the bottom for increased stability when free standing.

How much space is required to use the PSDRID?

The turntable is 40” in diameter and the doors can be closely nested in a vertical position for drying, requiring minimal space.

How do I spin the turntable?

Use your foot to easily spin the turntable while standing in one position.

Can I purchase the Overspray Guards and Door Stands separately?

Yes, you can purchase both separately. Overspray guards are sold in packs of 3, and door stands are sold in packs of 20.

Can I purchase the individual components separately?

We will be offering the individual components (extra door stands, overspray guards, Vclips, and turntable) separately in the near future. If you need some additional or replacement parts immediately, please contact us by email at sales@thepaintline.com.

When will this ship?

We expect to ship in late April. We’ll provide updates as the date approaches. Transit time is usually 4-5 business days or less once it ships from our warehouse.